Tsuzing / M.E.S.H. // Split (PAN)


Strong 4 tracker on PAN.


I thought it was cool and all until I found out that it’s a vinyl-only release and it’s completely sold out everywhere already with discogs sharks putting it up on the marketplace for almost $100 a piece. WTF??? There’s absolutely no reason this should be a 300 unit vinyl only no repress release considering the scope and size of PAN and also considering there’s no samples or anything that would give it the “physical copy only to avoid royalties and suing” reason. Apparently this is one in a series out of five releases, presumably with the same vectors of a limited vinyl only affair.


Yeah it’s sucky. At least someone ripped it so there’s a copy online


im entertained by these tracks but its not something ide want either of these producers to commit to for much longer, im ready for m.e.s.h. to stop trying to be drum god and go back to taking bigger more radical strides in style. i bet the next record will be Fraxinus & Ingrate maybe.


Hope they group the five releases in a CD/WEB release when they are done with the series. These limited vinyl runs are just stupid…


This is simply amazing.


I managed to get my copy

I do remember when I ordered a releasse from Reloadz Score5 said if he found your numbered release on discogs you’d be banned from buying future releases, I really like that idea but i doubt most labels would be bothered. It’d probably also require them not to sell through Boomkat.