Trance Appreciation


that quadran track is awful mate.

this is trance:



Personal opinion enit, I dont like tomatoes, you might. I love it because of the spacey aura, the enchanting, dreamy vocals, all being driven by the sporty kick drum. You could really loose yourself on the dancefloor to this one, I can image it, everyone would be in their own space, no conversation, eyes closed just letting the track take them. That was what Trance was all about no ?


wow these are ace, thanks for sharing

ive been playing this a lot recently:

guess there’s loads of crossover with hardcore and old techno stuff? i probably couldnt tell you what old trance sounds like you know.


Trance became something else but at the beginning as far as I can tell it referred to the spaciest, most trance inducing techno music. Maybe someone who lived through those years would see it differently, but it seems to me that trance at first was more of a sound than a genre, and it seems like DJs were finding it all over the place: deep house, techno, hardcore, industrial, etc.

Again, I’m no authority on this, just doing my best to make sense of these insane records I keep finding.


I may have caught N Trance at the festival I went to with the kids at the weekend. He was chucking out some great 90s bangers, including a quite a bit of of the cheesier end of trance. ATB, Darude, Zombie Nation all present and accounted for. Cafe Del Mar. Obviously. And some Alice DJ. Crowd full of hippy types, lots of dreads, weed, baggy pants. But to a man there were big smiles and lots of dancing. Music that makes people smile and dance, it’s no bad thing.



I think there’s a bit of a resurgence in the “feel” of trance (although maybe not the megaclub-inspired excesses of the genre’s latter years) among some modern techno producers.

Take this one for example. I don’t think you could have played this on a techno dancefloor between, say, 1997 and 2015 - it’s just too trancey!


Top tunes that bunch!


Also if anyone is interested, they should check out how early trance intersected and developed alongside old school EBM. It’s not something that’s discussed a lot these days, but the two styles actually have very close associations with each other. It wasn’t uncommon to see industrial and EBM artists smashing out trance tracks in the late 80’s (Robert Gorl from DAF did some awesome tracks)

RA had a good article on EBM a little while back were they discuss it a bit, well worth the read:


I think you’re bang on there, it was definitely more an undercurrent sound that came to the surface over a long time before Ministry Of Sound caught on and it got watered right down and went mainstream in the late 90’s.

Don’t mean the mainstreaming was completely bad either there were still some excellent tunes floating about, but tunes didn’t have that raw edge they had in the 80’s/early 90’s anymore. Also nothing wrong with cheesy af dancing either :slight_smile: