Reading / Literature Club


Ok this sounds like top contender @criminiminal what’s dope about White Teeth and why is it my jam??


Ya he’s been on my radar but honestly these days trying to read less white male academic duders and diversify my literary voices n storytelling lineages. What would u say is hooking u about his stuff?


I mean, I read it like 17 years ago so there’s no possible way I can do it any justice. it’s just got too much going on to summarize it in a few words. sorry bruv!


He’s fairly easy to read so you run through them quickly. I recommend you just try one, and get a feel of his writing to see if you like it. His books are mostly about the same themes of life being sad, bleak, and quite meaningless. Sounds great right? It’s dark, but with a dry sense of humor, and I happen to like Writers/books like that. Give me a good dose of despair to brighten up my day!