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Ok this sounds like top contender @criminiminal what’s dope about White Teeth and why is it my jam??


Ya he’s been on my radar but honestly these days trying to read less white male academic duders and diversify my literary voices n storytelling lineages. What would u say is hooking u about his stuff?


I mean, I read it like 17 years ago so there’s no possible way I can do it any justice. it’s just got too much going on to summarize it in a few words. sorry bruv!


He’s fairly easy to read so you run through them quickly. I recommend you just try one, and get a feel of his writing to see if you like it. His books are mostly about the same themes of life being sad, bleak, and quite meaningless. Sounds great right? It’s dark, but with a dry sense of humor, and I happen to like Writers/books like that. Give me a good dose of despair to brighten up my day!


Let’s restart this thread. Just copped this and am excited to read


Finally finished Kafka on the Shore, took me more than a year lol. At times, it felt irredeemably horny which was a major turn-off for me. I definitely loved the Hoshino/Nakata arc a lot better, I loved their duo dynamic and it felt like a really fun adventure of an old gramps and his grandson going on a cross-country trip. With so many philosophical musings, I can see how it relates to a lot of people (including myself).


I have been slowly reading Mason & Dixon for the holidays, it’s my third Thomas Pynchon novel and really liking it so far, about halfway through now.


Just finished Republic Commando: Hard Contact by Karen Traviss. Really really great Star Wars book, and it’s great regardless if you’re a fan of the franchise or not. Sci-fi special ops military with a side of humanity and morality in the mix, and lovable characters.

EDIT: Really wished this could be adapted to a movie / short miniseries cos’ it is so freakin’ good.


Fisher was excellent! Really recommend checking out his book ‘Capitalist Realism’. His K-punk blog is still up too and is well worth a deep dive!


I’ve always had the feeling Rand’s stuff was kind of satirical myself.


Have you read Old Man’s War? John Scalzi? He is fucking ace. Totally recommend it.


oi!!! big up yourself. nice to see DSF crew around these parts.

I’m admittedly not a big sci-fi type of guy. Never heard of those books but I read a little of it on wikipedia and it sounds sick.


Yeah, saw the convo on DSF and thought I’d check this place out, hehe. And yes, the trilogy of books starting with Old Man’s War is pretty sick.


my favourite comic-series got a reboot …


Hey folks! First post on the board, glad to have found yet another active discourse community (besides and the vcvrack board).

Since I’m luckily having a day off, I decided to finish a graphic novel (Común & Silvestre) I got as a birthday present.

It’s in Spanish, made by Pablo Del Cielo and Günen. I live in Santiago and you might be aware that in the last years (cough centuries cough), there have been some upheavals. As in most of the continent (world?), there are a lot of tensions between native tribes, ways of how people want to live and neo-liberal governments using their monopoly of violence to make a profit.
To quote Pablo Delcielo about this graphic novel, this is:

Ciencia-ficción no futurista sobre la irrupción de atavismos purumawka en la cosmopolítica chilena.
(~ Non-futuristic science fiction about the purumawka atavisms in the chilean cosmopolitics.)

From my (very short) research, purumawka or purum awka is Quechua for “desert warriors” or also a term used by the Inkas to classify the Mapuche tribes, roughly meaning “rebelde alzado” (fun: google translate translates this as rebel rebels, but I think something like mighty warrios might be more appropiate, considering the Mapuche have been and still are in conflict with the Chilean and Argentinian governments for the last… 500 years?).

Anyway, this is basically very hopeful dystopian anarchist science fiction with Mapuche/Quechua cosmology and wonderfully psychedelic drawings.

I stumbled across Pablo Delcielos work a couple of years ago, when someone gave me a copy of “Anarquia en el Reino de Los Cielos” (Anarchy in the Kingdom of Heaven) because it didn’t resonate with them. Been collecting whatever these guys put out ever since. Printing is usually top notch, and especially this first copy I was gifted has some incredible riso printing techniques, including gold colored paint. Just look at it:

Anyway. I’m rambling. Check it out if you can. :slight_smile:

Also trying to read David Graebers “Debt: The first 5.000 Years” again. No idea why I stopped reading when I first tried a couple of years ago.
He clearly died too young.

Anyway, I’m glad to have found another place for conversation and sharing! Cheers

edit: I forgot to mention that Anarquia en el Reino de Los Cielos heavily features Philip K Dick as well, which kind of blew my mind, considering the native american cosmology context.


Revisiting Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell’s Zenith series at the moment. If you like Morrison’s stuff I highly recommend it as its his first major work. Super hero pop stars, multiple dimensions and old dark gods causing trouble, its got it all :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice, been meaning to check this one out for a hot minute. Loved almost all of the Morrison I’ve read to date.

I’ve been rereading the Invisibles, and second time around it really slaps straight out of the gate. Anything similar you’d recommend?


Highly recommend Zenith, its a super fun read! The Invisibles was such a great series too, just love it. In a similar vein (ie super spun out and heady :slightly_smiling_face:) and if you can get hold of all of it, I totally recommend Shade The Changing Man. Written by Peter Milligan who was totally up there with Morrison for ace comics but super underrated imo. Dunno if they’ve collected all of it but, think they’ve only done 2 or 3 collections. It took me ages to track down all the single issues. Wish they’d get to and collect Doom Patrol too (shakes fist yet again)


I’ve started reading Shade a few times but haven’t been in the right mood I think. I’ll definitely check it out if I can.

Maybe the TV show will spark a reissue of the complete Doom Patrol, you can hope…


Yeah, I’ve gotta be in the mood for it too tbh - it gets pretty dense in parts. The Doom Patrol show was great I thought! Fingers firmly crossed for a full collection but who knows what will happen now they’ve shut Vertigo down