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God, I need to read this thread through properly.


Did you finish Mason & Dixon? One of 3 Pynchon books I’ve yet to get to, curious what you thought of it (without spilling any details)…


For anyone interested in some roots of dystopia 1900s era Russian stuff, I’d suggest We by Yevgeny Zamyatin

Lately I’m getting back into dystopia & sci fi, just started Ursula K LeGuin’s Lathe of Heaven…


Currently reading New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson, and this seems a pretty likely extrapolation of how capitalism will react to global climate collapse.

I think a lot about re-reading the Mars trilogy, but it’s pretty dense and there are always new books to read.


Bloody love this book



Satanic Panic: Pop Cultural Paranoia in the 1980s

A collection of essays covering key incidents and issues latched onto in (predominantly the U.S.) press and media, contributing to the satanic ritual abuse panic of the 80s. It’s up and down (the essay on Genesis P-Orridge feels a little disjointed and feels like the tokenistic ‘meanwhile, across the pond’ section of the book) but overall it’s an interesting dissection of how the media landscape of the time was conducive to facilitating a moral panic. I find the details on homespun networks of church newsletters and zines particularly interesting.


^^ looks interesting!


Milkman - Anna Burns

I just finished this, which won the Booker Prize. Mainly wanted to read it because I saw some reviews complain that it was “difficult”. Some long sentences and weirdly circumlocutory narrative style but I’m not bothered by the former and quite liked the latter. Top marks.


I had been reading The Invisibles by Grant Morrison, which is three volumes in trade. Just realized that somehow the library’s three volumes contain only volumes 1-2 – some kind of mismatched assortment of editions. They also leave out the third part of volume 2. Now I wonder if I’ve missed any other books from the middle.

Continually confused by comic books.


On A Sunbeam by Tillie Walden

Graphic novel about girls at boarding school in space, set in some kind of distant future. Yet it’s somehow very down to earth.