predictions on music and its culture(s) in 2019


i really hope for this as well! i love their sound, and the fun dance floors it can create.


Late to see this but sending a signal boost for Somfay <3 !


Yup this sounds about right. Trance will definitely make a comeback and I’m excited for it.


Re: Electro inspired > Trance inspired

Big and Fast Psycheledic Ravey 2020 going down for sure. Can’t wait for the Orbital edits.


That’s interesting because in 1999 from my perspective there was a thing where trance bled over techno with an electro stab wound whilst it died and sounded like this:

And that’s my very out of touch prediction for this year. I’ll be listening to joiner tracks.


You could live in a cave for 30 years and accurately predict electronic music when you get back to civilization - seems like



I think there’s rhythms that haven’t been used yet and someone will make some really cool original music - that’s kind of guaranteed - there will be at least one completely original amazing thing this year


Trying to predict the future I went into a past I don’t even really know