New Books in Music and Sound Studies













Radio Soundings: South Africa and the Black Modern


Interesting books from OUP past couple years:

-Absolute Music

-Handbook of Algorithmic Music

-Inner Sound: Altered States of Consciousness and Electronic Music

-Sound of a Superpower: Musical Americanism and the Cold War

-Punk Crisis

-Study of Music for Airports

-Mahaelia Jackson and the Black Gospel

-Rites, Rights, Rhythms in South Pacific

-Motor City Music

-on Senegalese hiphop

-Cold War and Electronic Music

-John Cage and Avant Garden Cinema

-Rethinking Reich

-Thought and Play In Musical Rhythm

-On post-bop Jazz, Shorter, Hancock and Corea

-Steel pan and Calypso

-Handbook on Music and the Body

-Flow: The Rhythmic Voice in Rap

-The Philosophy of Rythm


Here’s all the Routledge stuff that looks interesting for the past year or two:

-Routledge Companion to Sounding Art:


Here’s the last year or so of Palgrave books:


Recent stuff from UC Press: