New and old Post Punk / New Wave


Couldn’t find a thread about any post punk stuff. Any interesting bits you’ve been listening to? Old gems or new releases.

The stuff Molchat Doma has put out is sick imo.


Here is Black Midi’s live performance just cause I really like this one

Also check out their new record, schlagenheim!


this is so incredible




Old french cold wave record that got reissued a few weeks back




Obsessed with Dry Cleaning atm




As for old stuff I got really into early-mid period The Fall a few years ago (having known a couple of bits for a while) and they instantly became one of my favourite bands. I could make this list 4 or 5 times as long, easily. And I know maybe about 20% of their output.

Skip to 3:50 for the live music, but the interview is good too.


Really into a girl who loves The Fall - this will help me impress her - thanks.



Yah yaaahh, industrial estate :slightly_smiling_face: so much excellence


This thread has got me rereading Steve Hanley’s excellent book about being in The Fall so thanks everyone!


In exciting news, there’s a new album out by Chrome. Chrome was and still is pretty goddamn awesome!

Also recommend checking out their earlier stuff too, they can be similar to bands like Neu! but way more spaced out and fuzzy!

These are 2 of my fav’s to start off…