Music Predictions 2020 and Beyond


To sum up my thoughts tonight, here’s a fairly long excerpt from Sputnikmusic’s review of Swarms’s ‘Old Raves End’, released 2011

There’s a reason why we sit up late at night scouring various forums and blogs in search of new artists and tunes. Aside from wanting justification for our computer tans and the deep set rings under our eyes, we want to discover something like never before. We wish to be proven wrong in the notion that we’ve heard it all before, we want to believe that originality still lies within certain artists. And as time goes on it becomes increasingly difficult to actually be surprised anymore, the obvious reason of course lying in the question of how many different ways can one genre go? How many times can a musical style reinvent itself? How many genres can we add post too before we run out of places to attach our erstwhile hopes on to? And to prove this point we stay up until the wee hours and create our own little piece of originality, we cut and splice and warp music into our own neat little descriptors. If we can’t find it, we’ll make it. Sure, there’s still musicians and producers slaving away in tiny and cramped studios releasing great material to the most minimal of fanfare, but we as a wired-in and connected society seemingly shun them in favor of mutating genres into obscene new labels so we can hopefully pass it off as something incredibly new and fresh and claim that “original music” is still alive and well. We’re too busy exploiting something that’s ever so slightly different and busying ourselves with redundant arguments of where what should go and who should be called what, that when something wholly unique and gloriously beautiful reveals itself under its own accord we ignore it because we haven’t stumbled across it ourselves and tailored it to suit our own needs.