Modern FM Synthesis


ya, m8, FOR SURE. haha. I think I was lucky enough to have learned off an MPC and so Ableton for me was very much like, “this is just like an MPC, but WAY BETTER”

ok, well, don’t forget to tell us when the time comes :wink:.



it’s about that time

Sorry I’ve been away for a spell. Dissolving a 4.5 year romantic relationship takes a bit out of you. AMA except for links to mp3s, you ain’t getting em.


A/B Til Infinity is dated? No way. Love that album.


so are you credited on the EP as a writer or what


I think we joked that I’d be credited as “JP8080 technician” or something silly like that. The album was written by Tristan but he asked me to bring the synth over to fill out certain frequency ranges on the album which meant running his midi through and dialing in specific sounds on the hardware. Sometimes I would record extra stuff for him like rez hits OR noisy hihats/snares. He loved that synth so much though he ended up ordering one off eBay.


that’s awesome; sounds like it was a lot of fun to make. looking forward to scoping the record when it comes out!


I’ve been playing with the Volca FM for a couple of years. My thoughts:

  • sounds awesome on a good PA. That bass!..
  • great way to learn FM synthesis
  • very good ratio price/features

It’s tedious to program, and it only allows for limited live play. However good free software is available to create patches + upload them (I use Dexed + this tool).

Very recommended if you’re into / interested to FM synthesis.


im glad someone bought this up cuz (and this is something ive talked with @zurkonic before) honestly a lot of my sound design inspiration doesnt come from traditional house and techno much, but from “edm”, all the bass house and riddim stuff ur lil cousin probs loves and u hate

a p foundational first listen for me was hearing this in '15, and most of the edm kids can probs agree with me, this is probs the first real bass house song, and altho the lil big room trancy melody in the breakdown might date it a bit, i think the potential of wobbly harsh fm bass like this with fast house and techno rhythm has so much potential that techno bros mostly lock themselves out of from pure elitism and classist anger

here’s some other stuff with fm sound design i love but ull probs hate

and ofc there’s a big one, porter robinson under his new alias virtual self, which has him taking stuff forward by going back to y2k trance (among other things) and thrusting it into new edm forms

also on a sidenote p telling about his future music ambitions that hes now playing shit from hessle audio and swamp81 next to ian van dahl & some crazy crossbreed

just look at these tracklistings here, very avant-garde for a former simple edm kid

i may have some beef with some of his recent buisness gaffs but i still have to admit i love his music and djing SHIT


this shit is wild. i don’t know if i particularly like it*, but it’s fucking wild.

i’ve also been thinking a lot about my own sound design interests and how my own interests in musique concrete and foley work overlaps all too well with tracks like this…definitely feel like there’s something here. very interesting:)

funny enough, these tracks also made me think of this article on the sound in apex legends…i so can’t handle the complexity of contemporary video games, but goddamn, the sounds are just bananas…and it’s pretty fascinating to consider how they’re made.

*i keep hitting play so i guess i do like it!


speaking of video game sound design…ran into this dude in Dallas named Chad Mossholder who’s the lead sound designer for the company that makes the game DOOM…he used to be in a ambient/noise/gaze band called Twine (if anyone remembers them…one of Ghostly’s earliest acts) back in the early aughts and does this really fucking incredible avant-garde shit in Max/MSP now…he was performing some works from a forthcoming record which was just absolutely jaw-dropping…here’s his last record from 2014…


Heh, I had Twine’s first record on CD:) Have not heard this solo material tho!