IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System)


Does anybody here use IPFS for anything? It’s apparently an; internet protocol, content delivery network, P2P network, some kind of daemon, and is also a part of what makes Web3 what it is.

So far I’ve used it just for hosting my own files and attempting to use its content delivery network capacities for a few web apps. It seems to be rather versatile for hosting stuff, but as it uses hashes for URLs, it can be tricky to find stuff easily. As a CDN, it seems to work better, or well enough with a desktop version and as a browser add-on, but they also seem to be needed to access some things.

It seems interesting as far as the internet goes. It appears as though they’re are lots of various uses for it out there. Such as file storage, sharing, hosting, and distributing, I’ve noticed there are personal music streaming services for it as well. It seems that there is much more to it though and wondering what people here think about IPFS.

Has anyone used IPFS at all? What do you make of it? What do you see as its potential uses?