How do you organize your online finds?


I’m a compulsive playlister on Spotify, and I just throw random internet finds in a bookmark folder.

I stumbled across this “Record Bin” Chrome plugin lately. Haven’t truly tested it out yet though.


Boomkat 2019 brap brap


If the mind don’t care, it was never there

As they (don’t) say


Nice thing for me and a few friends who use it is telegram messenger channels, it’s a nice way to drop links to anything and share between some people you invite, has some embedded player support etc.


Same! I came across this on twitter and briefly played with it. I noticed that it offers a “Add to Record Bin” button on youtube and bandcamp pages.

Does anybody find this extension helpful?


Stuff I buy/download I sort by the week and afterwards by genre. Spotify immediately by genre


I used to use Spotify back in late 2013 to mid 2015 after my cousin showed it to me. It was fun finding out about new artists I have only heard mentioned, and on one occasion I re-found a producer’s (Submerse) works which was one of the biggest things Spotify’s ever done for me. I quit using Spotify around 2015 simply because I thought Soundcloud was just cooler.

Nowadays, I consolidate a lot of music through Youtube likes (I don’t have a single playlist), soundcloud likes, loose files downloaded from the internet, a history of purchases from Bleep, Boomkat, Bandcamp, and direct from labels, and a big collection of vinyl from various sources. All of these are still growing.