Gabber / Crossing Over?


I don’t know if id pin this down under ‘gabber’ per say but conversation about the genre has definitely picked up recently, and i can see it influencing a lot of stuff in the near future. And as somebody that doesn’t really listen to gabber and actually quite disliked it, this track is a favourite at the moment. Top shelf stuff.


At first I was like, that’s ambient.
Then I was like, wait, what?
And now I’m like, so good.


went to that gabba night at oval space (lorenzo senni opened which was wicked) but the stench of fascism was too strong for prolonged periods


??? im p sure the shit about the far-right loving gabber is mostly a myth? where there like, actually, fascist dudes there? i havent rlly gone to any real life gabber shows (im 18 and live in long beach ca) so i wouldnt kno


wasn’t really referring to anything specific, just zero groove whatsoever and sensation of impending doom haha


I bought that CD and it KICKS ASS!!! Pure danger having that on in the car.

@weirdoslam certainly in the UK it’s a myth. I used to go a night called monkee that used to play gabber. the slogan was “nasty music nice people”. My experience has always been that the harder the music, the more friendly the crowd.

Oh yeah, and shitmat. Badassss


Casual Gabberz does a lot of interesting stuff. Particularly fond of the emotional theatrics of this Aamourocean single from this year. They also sold a branded soccer jersey on Bandcamp specifically for this single.

#28 Probably not what this thread is adhering to but I wanted to post this smasher anyway aha


that is a beautiful article of clothing and I must indeed say “w2c”


this tune really gets moving at around three and a half minutes! thanks!


Classic sample on Journey of the Force. Got this badboy on an old TdV Trade mix. Sounds quaintly slow in amongst the Gabba. Although I’m sure the copy I have mixed is pitched up somewhat.


Kablam actually played this at Berghain a couple weeks ago.


Lil Texas bringing gabber influence to modern American EDM:


I think this sort of gets at the modern appeal of gabber-influenced styles. EDM has always been focused on visceral thrills and maximizing sound in very direct ways. Music has definitely been speeding up over the past few years and trap-style-edm couldn’t stay at 140 forever. 150 jersey and baltimore club works really well and the jump to 160 bpm gabber and hardstyle is not that difficult. I seem to remember lil texas even dabbling in footwork-influenced tracks, but I imagine that the rhythms are just too “weird” for festivals or big EDM clubs. On top of that, gabber and related styles lends itself very well to drops. There are also definitely contemporary hardstyle producers who have stolen production techniques from EDM.
That being said, I imagine gabber will probably see more use as a secret weapon, but I’d be real interested to hear from others to what extent EDM djs actually make use of these tracks.


has anyone got a copy of that set bleaching agent did on radar radio, think its been taking down online.


Machinegirl’s been on this wave for a long time now
not alone for sure, digital hardcore isnt a very big step from it. I know theres a gabber night or two in nyc now. Ironic? Probably yeah


This Lil Texas basically sounds like Hellfish and Producer circa Bastard Sonz of Rave era or any 2000’s midwestern hardcore/breakcore/gabber with more EDM builds. Can’t wait 'til I can bust out my DIsciples of Annihilation CD in the car and not look like a weirdo. Truth though: I’m all for gabber coming back, hopefully it creates some weird sub-faction permutation of skinheads crossed with NYC club kids that bust out sick hakken dances in total weirdo attire.