Futurism in 2018?


Yes obviously that was ironic. You don’t get to call yourself The Future Sound of anything post-Marinetti without getting a bit of flak


this is great tho. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xed3-hCP8H4


Oh yeah, but aligning futurism with euphoria seems a bit silly. Nah, to quote Ballard: “the future is going to be boring”. And who knows, maybe that’s a good thing.


I get what you mean. Still I think it’s important to understand how certain trends in culture can influence (and sometimes help) certain shift and movement in seemingly unrelated fields.


I think the concept of “the future” is increasingly hostile for a lot of folks (think global warming or tech that doesn’t deliver a better world), so “future” aesthetics will be less technology/consumer oriented.

I see a lot more artists being shined on because they capture the world people want to live in and affirm. That’s neither better or worse, it just means the values of what “the future” is always changing.


my theory is that a side effect of the democratization of technology is that many anti-tech people now use it…which causes a more negative bias than ever (when technology was used by certain technically inclined folks). When you consider that some of these people are also religious (and thus BELIEVE humanity ends badly) then you have an even more negative bias of the future.