For my school's final project I created a site like here but includes boards for every artist and album dating back to the 1950s


Hey everyone. During my summer computer science course we were tasked with creating a website of our choice. Being the fan of this site and just for music in general I was inspired to create a mega forum where there was individual communities for every artist and album dating back to the 50s. In addition, artists have discography pages that allow for quicker navigation and discovery of new music.

Literally just launched the site a few days ago so the community is still small. Been a member here for a while so I wanted to share it with anyone that was interested in joining here first. Feedback is appreciated and look forward to building this out into something great. Hope to see you all there!



seems like a cool concept


Thanks! Feel free to sign up and poke around. Looking to improve the site with a few more cool features soon.


theres a lot of artists missing such as les rallizes denudes, keiji haino


I really like how you can have threads on albums that just came out. It promotes discussion intuitively. Very good concept I would browse here.


Thanks! Look forward to having you as a member.


damn , looks really well organized. big ups my g