blockchain and cryptoart: how we get free? or how we get fucked (as usual)?


Interview with Jacques Greene by Shawn Reyenaldo about his NFT experience:


Surely it can get a rewind selector :smile:


Aaaand this just happened overnight:

BBC News - Beeple’s NFT digital art nets £50m at Christie’s auction

Bloody hell


its dead bro hahahhaa this aint it


Here’s a very Australian way of looking at the whole thing. First Dog On The Moon is an Aussie national treasure :slightly_smiling_face:


alright i decided i hate dipshits on twitter trying to cancel any struggling artist trying to cash in on this shit while they can just as i hate the rich tech bros fueling this shit. the average artist trying to get in on this shit is just desperate and needs the cash, and blaming them for our current shit economy & ecology is as bad as saying “But You Have iPhone Tho”. and also ofc, the NFT GIF market is only a small sliver of what blockchain could be. mat coming in again with some banger tweets:

turns out the biggest crowdfunding campaigns were also run by people with wealthy social circles. The biggest patreons and substacks are people who were already embedded into media infrastructure etc. No definitive bearing on the potential application of those concepts.

turns out the biggest albums tend to come out on majors. The biggest TV shows tend to be on Netflix or HBO. The interesting question is asking how decentralizing tools to allow people to build and dictate their own economies might buck that trend, you know, the NEW stuff.

in simple terms, everything bad about blockchain rn, is not inherent to blockchain itself. as that cute lil wobbegong said above:


very much surprised but also considering how much of a libertarian he is im also not
anyway p much proof that this shit here to stay for the time being. if rich feels confident enough in making a new internet account anywhere that service is now a Big Deal (see: the massive soundcloud dump of 2013). we gonna have to find a new way of living with this for sure, and hopefully use it in the best way possible (if we can)


this file just raised half a million in my currency lol


Attaboy Aphex, ride the bubble, pull the capital, put it all into the land systems regeneration. Respect.


Ha ha even as a kid he looked like a total trouble maker


Yeah good on him, that’s the sort of thing I wanna see coming out of this


don’t know what you mean by this, can you elaborate?


He posted a bunch of tracks on SoundCloud in 2013 under a random username, like User1027475932 or something, as part of the buildup to Syro. Dunno if they’re still up but have a search they might be…


haha good times. i miss that 2010-2015 blogera


Really enjoyed this take on it.

It’s hypercapitalism and digital spectacle - nothing has meaning, so everything has the potential to hold meaning if we assign it value. Nothing has value, so we create new mediums to assign value. NFTs are an attempt to get peoples attention in places nobody would otherwise care to look because suddenly DOLLARS are being thrown about. Capitalism still reigns, and everyone is speeding up before the 2030 slow descent begins. Peak everything is coming…

Life is referential because nobody finds meaning in life, only in memes that make a spectacle of it. Tame art is the death of art. It’s bleeding out, slowly.


As usual, I blame Kanye West


baudrillard entered the thread hahahaha. u nailed it tho


I’m gonna make that into a slogan tshirt, then I’m gonna take a picture of it then mint an NFT of it. Hhhmm, actually that witty thought may have merit…:thinking: bidding starts at eleventy squillion yeezies


Always listen to the wisdom of the wobbegong


Yeah, a bunch of them are still up under a slightly different username. He occasionally posts new tracks up but I haven’t checked for a while so he might have stopped. Apparently the peeps at Warp utterly freaked out when he did it ha ha ha