555-2020 - End Of Year


Martyn Bootyspoon

2020 /////

  • Australian Beach Thirst Trap Pics w UNIIQU3 & Australian co.

  • Adria - Italo-Croat Parisian restaurant (last insane fine dining experience pre-pandemic)

  • Jacques Greene EU x UK Tour — last night of tour B2B at Radio Radio Amsterdam

  • Omar S - You Want / Spending time w Omar S in Detroit

  • Canada Emergency Recovery Benefit

  • Call of Duty Warzone

  • Jessy Lanza - All The Time album

  • Releasing long-edged EP Lickety Split two years after initial inception on 2 B Real.

  • Starting to play / loving Tennis

  • My 30th Birthday


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Juha van 't Zelfde (Progress Bar)

Some of my favourite music of 2020 /////

by Imaabs

Circuit City
by Moor Mother

The devil is a lie !

by Cõvco

Verão Dark Hope
by V/A

Ase Manual - Black Liquid Electronics
by Ase Manual

Ochre Flood

Who Sent You?
by Irreversible Entanglements

by Bby Eco

by Lotic

by Nazar

by Klein

Hard Matter / Warm Currents
by Shifted

The Faintest Hint
by Ai Aso



by Loraine James

by patten

The Sprawl OST
by Kuedo

by God Colony

by Various Artists

First Circle
by First Circle

by Kamixlo

by TCF

by Vessel

days collapse
by Judith Hamann

Imaginary Film Music (Volume Three)
by Richard Skelton

The Power E​.​P.
by DJ Duke

Waiting Time​/​Weighting​/​Wading Time: On Juneteenth, Watch Night, Freedom’s Eve, and Emancipation Day

by Aho Ssan

by Holly Childs & Gediminas Žygus

by Know V.A.



by fennesz

GIL - Storm Salon [YGK008]
by GIL

by Hudson Mohawke

Modern Antics In a Deserted Place
by LA Timpa

The Beautiful Dreams #1
by André Lourenço


Radio Unnameable
by Yantan Ministry

by Tyshawn Sorey

Live in the Park IX
by Philip Jeck

by Mika Vainio

Radio Voorwaarts | Online Premiere
by Juha


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Tom knox video part for thrasher

a million times this! Tom and Jacob Harris are slowly re-wiring skateboarding for the better.


Spotify playlist of some of my favorite records from 2020:


Amar Ediriwira (Boiler Room / 4:3)

10 surreal AF celebrity photos /////

Meryl Streep’s Quarantini

Nic Cage wearing a fab jacket

A masked Ben Affleck smoking

Bong Joon Ho for Vanity Fair

Mads Mikkelsen pointing at a Christmas Tree

“It’s a look!” Dame Helen masked up

The Facebook overlord surfing with a load of sunscreen on his face

Nic again, this time channelling Willy Wonka with his son

A virtual table read of Fast Times at Ridgemont High featuring Jennifer Aniston, Dane Cook, Morgan Freeman, Jimmy Kimmel, Shia LaBeouf, John Legend, Ray Liotta, Sean Penn, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts.

Adele’s carnival “look”


Oneohtrix Point Never

Soulseek— at the height of the lockdown I was rarely leaving “the pit”— the chosen nickname for a state of mind caused by extreme time dilation. Blessed is the pit that has strong WiFi and Soulseek that balms the senses and inspires the spirit.

Daily cig — I’m thankful for the ritual of escaping down through the back stairwell of my building and venturing out to a little hidden spot underneath the overpass where I’d have my daily cig. Not more, not less. Not healthy, but good for the soul.

Broth — revitalizing and restorative. A very simple recipe gleaned from my ma. Nice with a tiny bit of some parsley or dill on top.

Silence — not just a repose from the cacophony of the city I’ve grown to love and seek comfort in, but damn it was humbling to hear the city so still. That silence can make audible the things about ourselves we have grown accustomed to, for better or worse, is a personal 2020 epiphany I’m very grateful for.


India Jordan

Top 10 Veg of 2020 /////

  1. Cabbage
  2. Tender stem broccoli
  3. Roasted garlic gloves with the skins left on
  4. Brussels sprouts
  5. Magic mushrooms
  6. Kale
  7. Bamboo shoots
  8. Oyster mushrooms
  9. Sugar snap peas
  10. Cauliflower


DeForrest Brown Jr


Tom Ravenscroft (BBC Radio 6 Music)

  • Spending lockdown with my dad’s record collection
  • Birth of son, Marlow. 3rd son, it’s intense.
  • Speaking to Laraaji on the phone
  • Tennis at Clissold Park
  • Midsummer (Dir: Ari Aster)
  • Pickling food
  • Model Home – One Year
  • Building home radio studio, diy vibes.
  • Aisha and Abhaya – (Royal Opera House)
  • Isabella Rossellini - Sex and Consequences


Scratcha DVA

Scratcha Awards 2020 /////







Eleni Ikon (AUDINT)

10 moments of joy and fugitivity in 2020 /////

10 - Our only live AUDINT gig this year, preaching from a pulpit about the power of the female voice to a club audience at FABRICA Brighton, 30 January

Eleni Ikon and Carolin Schnurrer, photo by M. Beatrice Fazi, FABRICA Brighton

9 - Art school strikes in February. Rising against the neoliberal corporatisation of U.K. higher education—and the systematic and targeted defunding and slow death of the arts and humanities by the Tory governments.

Banner outside Camberwell College of Arts, 20 February

8 - Last dance of the year at Trauma bar in Berlin, 1 March. “And the skies always had little fluffy clouds in them, they were long and clear and… There were lots of stars at night
And, they were beautiful….The most beautiful skies, as a matter of fact”

7 - Long table discussion with artist Abbas Zahedi on ways of grieving and lamentation at the South London Gallery, 11 March (in parallel with his brilliant exhibition HOW TO MAKE A HOW FROM A WHY?). A bunch of strangers sat around a table, instantly connected by a collective experience (physical, theoretical, aesthetic or otherwise) of grief, loss, and what it means to lament today.

6 - Composer and producer Antye Greie Ripatti’s, aka AGF / poemproducer, launch of REC:on, a new website dedicated to political listening and sound art. The care, responsibility and generosity agee puts in all her global projects and collaborations is an antidote to the self-centredness of the Western world. https://rec-on.org/

Artist portrait image from Cafe Oto website

5 - Students from the MA Visual Communication, Experimental Communication pathway at the RCA—Louise Gholam, Carmo Pinheiro de Melo and Dougal Verinder Gedge—respond to enforced isolation with ExPort Radio, an experimental radio station building bridges in a post-Brexit, mid-Covid-19 environment. https://www.exportradio.club

Image courtesy of ExPort radio

4 - Black radical theory texts being widely circulated amongst white people. Next should come the realisation that: “1) all thought, insofar as it is genuine thinking, might best be conceived of as black thought and, consequently, 2) all researches, insofar as they are genuinely critical inquiries, aspire to black studies. Blackness is theory itself, anti-blackness the resistance to theory.” (Jared Sexton via Lewis Gordon, https://csalateral.org/issue/1/ante-anti-blackness-afterthoughts-sexton/)

3 - Free arts educational talks, workshops, and events streaming during the covid Spring. All the theatre! Something of the ancient Greek idea of catharsis was in the air…

Image from The Trojan Women (Euripides) by Terzopoulos, free streaming via the Onassis Foundation, 24 April

2 - The Gee’s Bend Quiltmakers. The experimental processes and compositional language of the quilts have been passed down three generations of women living in Gee’s Bend, a remote black community situated on a U-turn in the Alabama River.

Image by Konstantinos Panapakidis, Alison Jacques Gallery exhibition, 2 Dec-6 Feb 2021

1 - The exquisite voice, lyricism and musical ability of Coby Sey. Both in his solo and collaborative projects, seeing him live or live stream, an encounter with his music is a rare joyous moment in which my faith in the human race is reinstated. If we’re capable of such beauty and skill, then we deserve to fight and survive the pandemics of covid, racism, and ecological destruction. If only for a moment…

Screengrab from live stream performance with Lafawndah x Church of Sound: The Fifth Season, 26 October


Flora Yin-Wong

2020 highlights etc! /////


Marissa Cetin

10 memorable/reliable/comforting homemade meals and treats of 2020 with music to (sorta) match (or just new and old records I listened to a lot this year and brought me joy and peace in some way) /////

Towpath’s olive oil cake (recipe https://www.thewednesdaychef.com/the_wednesday_chef/2018/03/towpaths-olive-oil-cake.htm / book https://www.towpathlondon.com/) + Leo Takami - Felis Catus and Silence (Bandcamp https://unseenworlds.bandcamp.com/album/felis-catus-and-silence)

Everything bagels (adapted from book https://www.waterstones.com/book/new-york-cult-recipes/9781743369722) + Ernest Hood - Neighborhoods (Bandcamp https://freedomtospend.bandcamp.com/album/neighborhoods) & Freedom To Spend compilation - New Neighborhoods (Bandcamp https://freedomtospend.bandcamp.com/album/new-neighborhoods)

Fish-fragrant aubergines (recipe https://www.theguardian.com/food/2020/sep/28/fuchsia-dunlops-fish-fragrant-aubergines / book https://www.waterstones.com/book/every-grain-of-rice/fuchsia-dunlop/9781408802526) + India Jordan - For You (Bandcamp https://indiajordan.bandcamp.com/album/for-you)

Sourdough margherita pizza (recipe https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/05/04/recipe-tartine-approved-sourdough-pizza-dough/ / book https://www.bakerybits.co.uk/tartine-bread.html) + Kush Jones - Future Times EP (Bandcamp https://futuretimes.bandcamp.com/album/ep-ft055)

Silken tofu with pine nuts and pickled chilies (recipe https://www.meatfreemondays.com/recipes/silken-tofu-with-pine-nuts-and-pickled-chillies/ / book https://www.waterstones.com/book/east/meera-sodha/9780241387566) + DJ Sprinkles - Midtown 120 Blues

Yuzu chicken and broccoli rice bowl (recipe https://www.theguardian.com/food/2020/nov/10/nigel-slater-midweek-dinner-recipe-yuzu-chicken-broccoli-and-rice) + Sign Libra - Sea to Sea (Bandcamp https://signlibrachannel.bandcamp.com/album/sea-to-sea)

Hand-pulled noodles + “emergency midnight noodle” sauce/topping + boiled cabbage (noodle recipe https://redhousespice.com/hand-pulled-noodles/ / sauce recipe https://wwnorton.medium.com/fuchsia-dunlops-emergency-midnight-noodles-c2f2d04e87af / sauce book https://www.waterstones.com/book/every-grain-of-rice/fuchsia-dunlop/9781408802526) + Pharoah Sanders - Harvest Time

Spicy rigatoni alla vodka (recipe—but double or triple the chilli flakes https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/rigatoni-with-easy-vodka-sauce) + Loris S. Sarid - Music For Tomato Plants (Bandcamp https://ctatsu.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-tomato-plants)

New York crumb cake (adapted from book https://www.waterstones.com/book/new-york-cult-recipes/9781743369722) + Emily A. Sprague - Water Memory / Mount Vision (Bandcamp https://mlesprg.bandcamp.com/album/water-memory-mount-vision) & Hill, Flower, Fog (Bandcamp https://mlesprg.bandcamp.com/album/hill-flower-fog-2)

Takeout noodles with cucumber (recipe—but quick pickle the cucumber in rice vinegar because it’s better https://www.bigoven.com/recipe/new-york-takeout-noodles-with-cucumber/2479665 / book https://www.waterstones.com/book/simple/diana-henry/9781845338978) + Laraaji - Sun Piano / Moon Piano / Through Luminous Eyes trilogy (all on Bandcamp https://laraajimusic.bandcamp.com/)

Bonus snack and track: Sweet chilli and sour cream Kettle crisps (to be clear, I did not make these, they are just perfect) + Swing Ting & Shanique Marie - “Give Thanks” (Bandcamp https://swingting.bandcamp.com/album/give-thanks) / “Smooth Take” version (Bandcamp https://shaniquemarie.bandcamp.com/track/give-thanks-smooth-take), and the lovely music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCF6X1L5AUE


Big up D and 555-5555 x


For those who want an EOY from a mere poster, here’s mine:

Best garage

It was a garage-y year for me (the best kind), and theres lots of decent new stuff out. Most of the stuff here is bandcamp but a few aren’t on there. There’s a mix of a lot of this stuff which I never put on Mixcloud if you look further down the post.

For all the tune recommendations from bandcamp I’ve picked out individual tracks, but they are often from very good releases that are worth your time and money.

https://buymusic.club/list/str_apx-eoy-list-2020-garage (top 10 + bonus)

Top 10:

Non-bandcamp bonus:

Best everything else

https://buymusic.club/list/str_apx-eoy-list-2020-everything-except-garage (top 10 + bonus)

Top 10

Non-bandcamp bonus:

Mixes I did in 2020

Unreleased summer garage mix
I listened to this one a lot but never got round to making artwork or uploading it, and by the time I started gearing up summer had passed so I thought I’d wait till next year.

I’ll maybe redo it adding and removing a couple of tunes, but there are some nice blends in there so I thought I’d put it here in case anyone is interested. It was a bit of a positive tonic for me in a shitty year. Tracklist in lyrics metadata.

Garage Rush

Garage House

Riot Music

Slow 1

Slow 2

Shackleton & Skull Disco (download for ppl who get region blocked)

Non-musical best

  • Last Of Us Part II
  • Sprout nasi goreng
  • Quitting weed after 7 years of full addiction, and about 15 of semi-addiction
  • Walking in the woods
  • First few weeks of lockdown 1 providing some mental space
  • Getting semi-decent turntable and cartridge to rip records after a long time of compromise
  • Decluttering after 5 years of depression-induced squalor

Non-musical worst

  • Corona
  • Working in care during corona
  • All lockdowns after the first few weeks of lockdown 1
  • Politics in general (though losing faith / interest does have it’s upsides)



Thanks for pinning this, I’ve come back to it at least 5x and found so much goodness…fingers crossed we get another one…